Top 5 Best Practices in Avoiding Regulatory Risk in Digital Marketing


More than ever, patients and physicians are utilizing social media and online web portals to find treatment answers to their conditions. As traditional marketing diminishes and social media continues to flourish, leaders in the healthcare industry must find new ways to reach key customers through Digital Marketing.

Despite the success of social media websites throughout various industries across the globe, many companies are still struggling to demonstrate the value of Digital support activities while also avoiding regulatory risks. From our recent research, we found these to be the top 5 best practices that digital marketing professionals can utilize to avoid regulatory risk:

  1. Stay Abreast of Regulatory Requirements: Benchmark partners emphasized the importance of knowing & understanding the in’s & outs of regulatory requirements & making sure that vendors are properly trained.
  2. Develop a Strong Adverse Events Reporting Process: Developing & implementing a robust adverse events reporting process can help you to be timely.
  3. Set Clear Internal Policies & Protocols With Stakeholders: Communicating with stakeholders to establish clear guidelines, provide training, delineate resource needs, and explain policies is critical.
  4. Communicate Operational Hurdles to Internal Customers: Don’t overlook your internal customers: be open & up-front about the importance of compliance and how your Digital teams will work to ensure the company is protected.
  5. Tracking AE Reporting: It is important to monitor your adverse events reporting process across key channels and to continually ensure that its requirements are being met.

For many companies, especially those in the healthcare sector, the digital marketing landscape is fraught with regulatory pitfalls. Many companies are reluctant to quickly dive into the social media environment due to complications with aligning Digital Marketing activities with current FDA regulations. Thus, understanding how to identify and mitigate regulatory concerns is critical in the digital marketing realm. Those who successfully plan and react to such obstacles can reap major benefits. 

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