Top 5 Best Practices & Lessons Learned for Marketing Services Excellence


Marketing organizations are a key driver of organizational success. However, in today’s global marketplace, marketing organizations are increasingly being faced with the duel pressures of delivering exceptional services to internal clients while also holding down costs. In order to remain effective and efficient, marketing leaders must constantly evaluate their scope of services, resources, organizational structure, and use of off-shore labor to ensure they reflect  current needs and produce desired results.

Savvy companies recognize the importance of understanding the best practices that other leading companies have identified when it comes to marketing excellence. From our recent research, we found the following top 5 best practices & lessons learned for maximizing the effectiveness of their Marketing Services function.

  1. Build Strong Stakeholder Relationships: Maximize Marketing Services effectiveness through developing strong stakeholder relationships and managing internal clients as accounts.
  2. Deploy Effective Tools & Processes: Tools that improve partner effectiveness are Lean practices, online project management, project intake tools, & customer satisfaction scorecards (among others).
  3. Employ a Vendor Management Strategy: Successfully utilizing vendor management strategies, teaming with procurement and automating the vendor price quote process helps to cut costs for participating companies.
  4. Take a Global Management Perspective: Successful companies recognize the need to think globally when deploying Marketing Services programs or teams. This includes building teamwork and sharing innovation & creativity globally.
  5. Continuously Measure Results: Organizations should develop solid metrics and measurements of team resource use and timekeeping. Tracking client feedback and other metrics will help to enable continuous improvement.

Today’s competitive environment is characterized by increasing globalization and shrinking resources. In order to meet performance objectives, leaders must understand how to effectively structure and operate a Marketing Services function.  By keeping up with the industry best practices and lessons learned in relation to the Marketing Services function can help to encourage effectiveness and also cut costs.

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